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 Master skiller items

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PostSubject: Master skiller items   Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:32 pm

Skill Master Items
*note not all of these ideas came from me i had help*

Now im sure you all love your skillcapes and the emotes that come with them, but they dont provide anything that you can use in that skill. So I came up with this idea, every skill has a new item that is only obtainable when you have achieved 99 in that skill. I think the effect that every item has is a suitable reward for getting 99 in a skill. You buy all of these items from their corresponding skill masters

Attack/Strength: Masters sword (same stats as dragon longsword)
Effect: Diseases an opponent

Defense: Masters shielding*
Effect: Use this on any 2h sword to give it the same defence stats as an adamant kite

Hitpoints: Masters ring
Effect: Prevents the holder from being poisoned or diseased (This prevails over masters sword and longbow)

Ranged: Masters longbow (same stats as magic longbow)
Effect: Arrows fired from this bow can disease an opponent and reaches 20% further

Magic: Masters staff
Effect: A staff that can autocast any combat spell. Has a special attack that teleports the target 10 spaces away when on normal and prevents the target using any prayers for 15 seconds when on ancients. (Both have a 60% drain)

Prayer: Masters symbol
Effect: Allows you activate 2 protection prayers at once, the second will only give 25% protection

Mining: Masters pickaxe
Effect: Mines ore 25% faster then a rune pick and when operated teleports you to the mining guild

Smithing: Masters furnace
Effect: A small furnace in your inventory. For every two coal put in it you can smith 5 bars

Agility: Masters boots
Effect: Gives you a 0% chance of failing an obstacle and also reduces weight by 15kg

Herblore: Masters vial
Effect: When you make a potion in this vial it will automatically turn into its super counterpart

Fishing: Masters harpoon
Effect: Gives you a 0% chance of catching tuna while harpooning and has a 25% chance of catching cooked fish

Cooking: Masters pan
Effect: When heated on a fire or range food cooked on this pan will heal 10% more**

Thieving: Masters lockpick
Effect: A re-usable lockpick that opens any thieving related chest or door without fail

Crafting: Masters needle
Effect: Makes leather Armour 50% faster and has a 50% chance of making the item twice with the leather for one

Woodcutting: Masters axe
Effect: Cuts logs 25% faster then a dragon axe and increases the chance of a birds nest

Firemaking: Masters tinderbox
Effect: Gives you the option to firemake x and makes your fires last 25% longer

Fletching: Masters knife
Effect: Turns logs into bows 25% faster and makes arrow shafts already with feathers

Runecrafting: Masters tiara
Effect: Allows you to enter any altar and repairs your pouches when operated

Slayer: Masters gloves
Effect: Allows you to kill any slayer monster without the item they may require to be killed

Farming: Masters spade
Effect: Increases yield by 20% (works with magic secateurs)

Construction: Masters hammer
Effect: Halves the amount of planks required to make a piece of furniture

Hunter: Masters bait
Effect: Allows 2 creatures to get caught in the same trap at once

Summoning: Masters amulet
Effect: Lets you focus your familiars attack on somebody even if they aren't attacking you

Quest: Swiss army knife
Effect: Mini Telescope: Tells you exactly where the shooting star has fallen
Mini Fridge: Holds five pieces of any food
Mini Bank: Allows you to bank 10 items every half hour
Mini Chess Set: Use the knife on anybody to play a game of chess with them
Mini Com Orb: The comtact NPC spell with 10 uses every 45 minutes

* Swords using Masters shielding arent tradeable
** Pieces of food effected by this will not be tradeable.

Each of these items will cost 99k. When you buy Masters bait for the first time its 99k and you get 100, after that the bait costs 50k for 100. Also, replacing the other items costs 50k. The same applies to the Masters vial except you get a set of 10 vials.

Now I know what your going to say "this will make getting 200m exp to easy". But most of these dont even give you the opportunity for faster exp as well as that not many people even think about getting 200m exp. So I believe that these would barely put a dent in the exp tables especially now that they are the top 2 million.


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Master skiller items
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